Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the Human Rights Violation of the 15 Yr Old Odonnell Girls and and Update on The Case: Their Facebook Page Has Been Taken Down

The Free the Odonnell Girls from CPS Facebook page has been removed. Now that they are getting attention it seems that they are doing their best to quiet down those involved. Alexis and Abbie Odonnell show that CPS is coming into people’s homes and just nabbing our children and now that it is getting out- the powers behind it are trying to close it down by gagging the twins and their mother and taking down their stuff.

There are updates and constantly being done on this site concerning the girls…


New Interview on with Ed Opperman on the Opperman Report Concerning the Odonnell Case in Michigan among other things…

Letter to Michigan Governor Rick Synder Concerning the Odonnell Twins Human Rights Violations

How The Michigan Case of Alexis and Abbie Odonnell Proves that Predators Are Already Watching Your Children

Michigan Governer Rick Snyder and His Human Trafficking Record- The Case of Abbie and Alexis Odonnell

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