Negative Review on Amazon and My Reply

This is a negative review that is top of the list on my book. I thought I would publish it to let people see it. You should check out this person’s reviews- other than a “Child Called It”, and a diet book- it doesn’t appear this person is well read. However- I wanted to publish my answer to this critical review.

So what happened to you now?, January 14, 2015

This review is from: Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story (Kindle Edition)
I didn’t read the whole thing. I couldn’t. It didn’t make sense. This book is like a poorly written college essay; full of obscure resources , contradictions, unnecessary definitions, and uncertainty in the author’s message. I do not doubt that this man has been severely abused and suffers from mental illness, but his story just doesn’t make sense. It’s like ramblings of a madman. Maybe that’s the purpose of the editor/publisher? To showcase how abuse can manifest itself? Either way that’s not how this book is publicized, and if that’s the case having an accredited professional preface this and then provide an evaluation and explanation is necessary, because the author makes no sense.

It’s hard to follow his story and keep up with everything. The cases he uses and the “facts” he is trying to present don’t connect with each other. I mean come on! It’s either a top secret CIA horrible torture experiment or a satanic rituals, It can’t be both. I’d skip this one :/


LoessJedi says:
Actually, Rabbit Hole is an edited version of the book I originally wrote. The version I wrote was 130,000 words and Rabbit Hole- which was edited by my publishers, is about 63,000 words with everything they cut and added. (I didn’t put in the news articles- they did). Anyway- for those of you who are interested in reading the unedited version- which is, I believe, easier to understand and certainly more complete- you can find the unedited manuscript at
As far as it being both a CIA operation and also involving satanism- yes- it CAN be both. The satanism aspect was used to keep people from focusing on the issues and is why the False Memory people- who were herald by our government- coined the phrase “satanic panic” and “false memories”. These were used to keep people from focusing on what was really going on- which was a wide spread child and drug trafficking that our govt was involved with. The issues surrounding all of this are certainly not black and white and are much more complex than some would believe.

What happened to me now? I live a quiet life and am pretty happy. I have done my best to escape my personal hell surrounding my past- and do what I can to help others now.

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