The Apathy of Our Species Is What Is Going to Doom Us in the End

I just finished watching V for Vendetta for the umpteenth time this morning, and once again found myself mesmerized at the ending when the population rises to support the fundamental changes that are needed in their society. However, movies are rarely like real life, and I have begun to embrace the fact that nothing like this will every happen in the “real” world.

America claims itself to be the good guys. We tout that we are just, fair, law abiding, and God fearing. This is all just hype we tell ourselves however. Regardless of how you feel about 911 and exactly how the towers fell- the fact is that we, as a nation, were lied to over and over to get us to go to war. Iraq never had any weapons of mass destruction- and the freedoms we went over there to support have never manifested into anything other than a hell on Earth. The same leaders who publicly declared that America doesn’t torture people are the same group who are just as adamant, now that their lies were discovered, that they would “do it again” if given the chance. These are the VERY SAME men who made BILLIONS personally from this war while our economy has been flushed down the toilet as a result. And what have we, as an American population, done about it? Other than posting bitchy memes on Facebook- we have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. In fact, judging by our own actions, we obviously condone their behavior. We throw as much brouhaha as we can about other countries war criminals, but when it comes to our own here at home, we are content to look the other way. This is probably one of the reasons why the rest of the world has as much disdain for us as they do.

Europe is not much different. What with the Hampstead child abuse claims- and the rampant pedophilia that has been discovered surrounding their political leaders, what have they done about it? Again- other than posting bitchy memes on Facebook- they have pretty much, as a whole- have done absolutely nothing. Their monarchy has passed laws making them immune to any investigations and have passed gag orders on anyone who would be willing to expose their crimes, and the people in the UK have just quietly accepted this, although- logically speaking- no such laws would have been needed to be passed if their officials were as innocent as they claim. But in reality- they don’t seem to have anything to fear- as their public is as apathetic as the American side and thinking that the people will do anything other than complain on social media is pretty much out of the question.

Our world is were it is because the global elite have made it that way. They have made every resource available into a commodity- and that includes human beings. Society does nothing about it because we all believe ourselves to be temporarily embarrassed millionaires, who actually strive to BE like them rather than hold them accountable for their atrocious behavior. They have great sums of money and we all personally want great sums of money, so we are willing to look the other way concerning their transgressions in the hopes that others will do the same if we are ever able to achieve the same status. Of course this is a delusion- as this small group neither needs NOR WANTS anyone else to join their little party. However, they are more than willing to encourage this belief so that we, as a whole, are kept complacent with the hope that one day we might join their ranks. So we all turn a blind eye to the corruption our leaders are involved with and do nothing.

The end game of all of this is not hard to determine. With no one willing to stand up to them, the global elite will do what they want. Judging by where we are as a species here on Earth- their depravity has absolutely no bounds. They demand that every little whim be given to them- whether that be claiming all the drinking water or fucking any child that they want, and what is painfully obvious is that so far they have completely succeeded, and with absolutely no opposition from the masses, who are sitting by complacently. People should not be afraid of their governments, the governments should be afraid of its people- but considering our inaction- it is clear that our leaders have nothing to fear. And until we, as a whole, decide to actually get off our asses and do something- the truth is- THEY NEVER WILL.

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