Reviewing the World in Which We Live and Its View that Satanism is a Constitutional Right of All People

America- in fact most of the world- has become so sinister that it is hard to take any of it seriously. Promoting satanism- the media runs to Lucien Greaves, aka Doug Mesner- who is claiming that under the constitution the devil can and SHOULD be promoted, every chance that it can get. Of course Doug- (I refuse to call him Lucien Greaves- since he chose his last name Greaves from another Greaves (Philip R. Greaves II to be more specific) who wrote “”The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct”), pretends to take all this seriously although in actuality thinks that this whole thing is a joke. Obviously- since he had national media take pictures of him tea bagging a grave site connected to the late Westboro Church minister. Claiming that he is both a satanist and atheist- the American media eats it up and can’t seem to get enough of his point of view- while others, like myself, are censored and kept quiet although there are plenty of people who disagree with his stance. Like Harvard, who had the decency to tell him to shove off after he tried to perform a satanic black mass on campus. Claiming that under our constitution his view of “anything goes” is his God given right, he is pushing to erect a statue of Baphomet with two adoring children in Oklahoma City right beside a statue of the Ten Commandments.

I have said this before and i will keep saying it that I believe this media fascination with the horn hat wearing Mesner is nothing more than a distraction to prevent people from listening too the myriads of claims against the real satanists like Michael Aquino- who worked extensively for our government. Aquino claims that anyone who speaks out against him are pedophiles “projecting their sick fantasies onto him” for some strange reason. Of course his main detractor years ago was Diane Napolis who he claims says that he is in league with people from outer space. The fact is that most people don’t much care for Aquino- and the last time he was on national media- via the Oprah Winfrey show, 800 of his victims called in and claimed that he had sexually and satanically abused them. Which is why the media is now deflecting away from Aquino to the manchild Mesner. Doing its best to poo poo satanism and the hold that it has had on our society- the media is now doing what it did in the 80s and trying to make a joke of the whole thing so that society will discredit the whole mess as some sort of wide spread conspiracy theory.

And society seems to eat it up. So let me explain what goes on in a REAL satanic mass. Children are murdered. Not only murdered- but tortured before they are murdered. Children are abducted- treated well for about a week before they are murdered, and then, on the night they are murdered- are skinned, terrorized, and butchered. At the pinnacle of their suffering- when they are killed- their blood is drank because all of the endorphins act like an aphrodisiac- and those involved then have sexual orgies. The reason why the remains weren’t found in Omaha- which is where I suffered through this- is because they were cremated at Forest Lawn Cemetery, which was no more than five miles away. It disturbs me that many of my critics on Amazon complain that I don’t go into enough detail of the ritual sacrifices and go into gory detail of what happens during the whole event- as it seems all they want is to be fed the disturbing nuances of it all for some sick reason I can’t fathom. Treating it like it is some sort of horror movie rather than a true series of events- it seems that these unfathomable acts are designed as mere entertainment to feed the masses rather than what they truly are- CHILDREN BEING TORTURED AND MURDERED TO HONOR SATAN AND BRING ABOUT THE WORLD IN A WAY THAT WELCOMES THE SUPPOSED UPCOMING ANTICHRIST.

Most who speak about these practices are dismissed because their is no one to corroborate their stories, but my older sis- who is 12 years my senior- CORROBORATES MINE. In fact we corroborate each other. This is why I have been personally attacked on the internet and anywhere else that this group of satanist lovers can trash me- because I don’t fit the parameters of what they have held with this mess since the formation of the False Memory Foundation. They have even claimed that my sister, who has supported me in this- isn’t really my sister but me acting like my sister. This is complete bullshit- but then that is what this group of satanists is known for- COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. Mocking anyone who disagrees with their sick and twisted views on what is right and wrong- they name call- much like Aquino- in order to distract and detract from what the victims claim happened.

And society listens to the satanists. Which is why, today- I feel that the world- and everyone in it- deserves everything they get from this and more. Fighting for the dark- no one can whine when it finally comes to pass. And it is people like Aquino and pedophile loving Mesner that are doing their best to help this to fruition. All the while most of society sits back and finds the whole thing entertaining.

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