Thoughts on an Illuminati and a One World Order

Growing up as a former victim of our governments MKUltra program- wrapped up with Satanic Ritual abuse as it was- I was often told of a world in which there would be order within chaos- and that it would have nothing to do with God but would be by the hands of men. Often bordering and crossing the boundaries of Neo Nazism – there was a definite belief in white supremacy- and I often heard the rantings of what I thought were about things that couldn’t possibly be true about the place my father and his friends would take in the end as masters of all they survey.

However, after 9-11, I have seen our government go after civil liberties I never thought as a child could be touched, and they have taken away people’s rights in a way I would never have thought possible- affording them their belief in the total domination they have be-quested for themselves. We live in a world that has often been talked about but was never to be believed for decades- and yet now here we are. The rich where involved with what my parents used to call “happenings” – and there wasn’t one member of my father’s group who wasn’t rich and powerful. Above all else no poor people were allowed. Nor blacks or anyone else of color. The bloodlines often spoken of were not to be tainted by those less than they themselves, and let assure you they believed that white is right and that their power was supreme.

This doesn’t mean that we killed black children- as, at least with me- the only child sacrifices I was involved with were those of prepubescent white boys always. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son- the Satanists that I was involved with as a child believed that “their side” strong enough to follow through with what was asked to show their allegiance to Satan- who was actually the champion for free will and the hero to those in the human race who could understand the intricacies of what it was like to gain knowledge from the dark by initiating in sin. To sin was to gain knowledge of how things should be- while celebrating the free will of no cost to the members worthy enough to be part of the whole thing.

Why my father? I think that he and my mother sacrificed their first born son- David Christopher, to the cult. It isn’t like they were beyond doing this for their group- as my mother went into labor with me on Thanksgiving night and doctors kept her from delivering until the 6th of December to assure that I would have 666 connected to me always. Most of my life I couldn’t get them to speak about my older brother with the same name as I- the oldest of my older siblings. My mom once told me that my father and she had made a “terrible mistake” and that I should just “let the past be the past”, so I can only go on what I believe- as the only two who knew for sure are my deceased parents and they weren’t talking. But the facts about David Christopher is that he was a healthy baby boy and within the week he was dead- although exactly how has always been this ugly, painful secret for my parents. Having my name- and feeling somewhat like the old Bob Newhart character whose name was Daryl with his “other brother Daryl”- I wanted to know about the oldest of my siblings- esp. since I had his name.

Personally- I believe this is what solidified my parent’s role in this mess- and afforded them the wealth and freedom that they had while they were alive and involved in this group- also affording my father the title of “high priest”. Completely convoluted back then it would be damn near impossible to prove today, but this is what I believe.

This group that was involved made inordinate amounts of cash while they were alive- and have been afforded luxuries that which most of us can only dream about. They have enjoyed quite a run of self advancement by means of power, money, and enjoyment of whatever sin be their pleasure- the more the merrier. However- I don’t think that they are going to be able to achieve what they thought they were. The world is a crazy place- and only those narcissistic and power hungry enough are the ones to grapple for such power- as no one can control nature for very long. Eventually we all grow old- weak- and sick- finding ourselves unable to keep the title wave of such experiences and pleasures at bay any longer- thus finding ourselves consumed by our guilt and remorse. My parents taught me the nuances of such choices in the end- and it was not pleasant to watch- much less for them to personally experience. In the end- the high will be brought low- it is commanded- and fighting against such things are futile. This is true for all of us.

Will we be shepherded as a bunch of compliant sheep who will just blindly and willingly go along with whatever happens- letting those who shouldn’t be in power much less leading a society do whatever it is that makes them and their group richer and “more in control”, it remains to be seen. But this has always been on the table- and there has been a push- at least since the 60s and much earlier- by the group that has been the most in power, to gain total control- and so this “one world order” is not a conspiracy theory but rather a conspiracy reality. Whether we chose to see it and act is one still a decision waiting for the population to decide on what to do.

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