An Invitation to Have the Targeted Individual Community Shut Its Mouth -Primarily Renata “Everyone at work stalks me” Murray and Big Babyand Put Its Money Where Their Big Ass Mouths Are

First off- I had a roommate who had loads of ammo put in clips right by guns when I SPECIFICALLY asked not to have loaded weapons in my house.

Second- I asked that nothing be downloaded onto my computer- and this just got bypassed and I had to completely redo my computer.

Renata Murray- who has a freak show every Sunday on at 114616 SET THIS ALL UP by pushing this freak to come live with me.

A freak who was convinced that the comcast people were govt agents stalking him- that he was constantly being inundated with electromagnetic weapons from DAY ONE when he moved in- and who was drawing lines of sites on my neighbors houses who he was convinced that they were all perpetrators attacking him with energy weapons.

This kind of insanity is pushed by Renata who complains about workplace mobbing- when the fact is she is a big mouth bitch and most people who don’t just accept her insanity are perps trying to keep her down. If you don’t like your job- GO GET ANOTHER ONE. Stop being a victim.

Now- this is the kind of crap I have had to deal with. Here are pictures of my ex roommates room.DSC_0060




What you are looking at is corrugated metal panels that surround his bed that are covered in magnets with about 400 lbs of those brick magnets all over his bed with tin foil insulation which he sleeps in because this is suppose to keep him from being attacked by electromagnetic weapons WHICH OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T WORK.

Now there is some issue that I turned this guys guns into the police. He CAN GET THEM BACK SIMPLY BY SHOWING UP AT THE COP SHOP.

Anyway- since Renata Murray wants to promote this type of BS EVERY WEEK on her called titled support for TI’s- I suggest that she or her cohort BIG BABY let the freak come live with them. AFTER ALL- THEY PROMOTE THIS BEHAVIOR SO WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER IF YOU ASK ME.

Otherwise- they should just stick to their own persecution where the entire world is out to get them and nothing they do or anyone in the targeted community is responsible because the govts control their every behavior. This type of crap SICKENS ME AND THE FACT THAT THEY AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT THEY DO is highly convenient- since they can run their mouths but never put their money where their mouths are.

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