Letter from IGDID and Felicity Lee Regarding the October Conference in Seattle

Some members from IGDID have had concern about wanting their friends from other online groups to come to the conference. EVERYONE ‘is’ welcome – of course.

And, I feel that all survivors – wherever they belong – should have the same consideration as members from here.

Therefore, I have offered a special promotion for anyone who belongs to online groups besides IGDID.com (you all will be given the same price up until the conference – it will not change for you).

Let everyone know that they and their families/friends can take advantage of these special prices before they end – at the beginning of March.

We are hoping to meet and see as many survivors as we can during this great event.

The conference website has also been updated to add some of the speakers and topics (in the frequently asked questions section). We cannot advertise the full schedule and/or workshops until we get approval for credit hours (which we will – it just takes a bit of time).

So, if you belong to other groups, feel proud to let the members there know of this special. My gosh – these prices are unheard of for the speakers and 3 days of workshops and evening events. $75.00 for 1 person and $125.00 for two. All survivors, friends/relatives and clinicians are welcome.

Also, let your therapists know that they are welcome and send any clients who might be interested.

Let’s promote this conference in any way that we can. It will be amazing.

Here is the link for the promotional offer – http://igdid.org/?page_id=937 – pass it on –

Here is the link for the conference website – http://igdid.org/

If you have questions, please email me at felicity4us2@gmail.com.

Thanks so very much – you all the best!

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