Why Does Righteous Indignation Run So Hot and Cold Concerning Child Sex Exploitation?

I find it interesting that both here and in the UK more has not been done to curb the sexual exploitation of children. Jimmy Saville- Jerry Sandusky- etc. are the simple scapegoats suggesting that there is a much bigger problem than expected, and yet the general public, although initially outraged, seem to simply forget about the problem and go on with their lives soon after it hits the public attention. In fact most know more about what is happening with the Kardashians than what is happening in their own communities concerning children, and that- in my opinion, is truly sad.

This is one of the reasons why activists eventually stop their vital work- as one can only beat their heads against the wall of indifference so long before the headaches of such apathy win over. I am a good example of that. It just seems as if people don’t care. If you ask an individual- they will adamantly declare that their resolve to stop all of this is first and foremost on their minds- but actions speak louder than words- and other than a lot of grandstanding not much is being done by the media and politicians to bring awareness to this situation- and those individuals who do often find themselves targeted in such a way that they generally are quieted in time. The media- other that offering up the usual suspects- don’t do anything to focus on this mess- and usually suggest that it is only a problem for third world countries, even though the facts show that EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD IS FACING THIS PROBLEM. The public is usually outraged for a moment- and then completely forgets and returns going about their business.

I am not sure where I am going with this blog other than to express my dismay at how things are working out. Maybe we are really at the decline of civilization- as our actions show we don’t much care even though it is the children that will bring about the future of mankind. Those who do not recognize or honor this fact are doomed to disappear into the folds of history- predetermining a bleak future. I can’t say whether or not this is being done deliberately- but the fact remains that it is happening and that such behavior will have severe consequences for ALL of us later on. Children need protection- and if we are too busy to do such- then we will find ourselves lost eventually in a cruel and indifferent world.

It is my opinion that we need to seriously take a look at our institutions connected with children and the status quo to see where our problems with child exploitation exists, as I believe that these factors are what is determining our apathy to the situation. Nebraska just passed a declaration to give human trafficking a month of expression- and yet the history of Omaha stands in the way of any real progress being made. To me, most of this agenda is shallow and pretty much meaningless- as, although their are some who mean well- without the proper public focus and media attention- nothing will fix the situation until ALL OF US AS A PEOPLE STAND WITH ONE VOICE against this mess. Will this happen in the future? If the past is any determination- it suggests that the answer to that question is no.

Years ago- our justice department reported that 2,185 kids are reported missing daily. This does not count the parents- like my own- who are profiting on selling their children into the sex trade who don’t bother to report anything. The numbers- as our population have increased- have only rose in numbers I imagine- and WHO KNOWS how really prevalent all of this is now. However- as situations suggest- like those concerning Sandusky and Saville, the problems not only still exist but are much worse than in the past. However- again- until we as a people rise up to stop this- the billions of dollars that are flowing from all of this will only continue to get worse- eventually enveloping all of us. Turning a blind eye and sticking our heads in the sand will only fuel this demise- and the time is NOW for us to stand and put our actions where our words are- putting children’s safety at the top of our priority list before it is too late to change course.

If this doesn’t happen soon- God help us all.

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