Writing a New Book – Rabbit Hole Part II

Finding myself in the middle of a divorce- I have decided to take a break from my advocacy work in order to write another book. This one will explain what I have gone through since the first book and the trials and tribulations that have occurred with my advocacy work.

I never thought that I would be here. I still love Michael- but he can no longer take the work that I am doing. We have drifted so far apart that the guy hates me and will do whatever he can to lash out and hurt me- and it is going to take some time to get all of this resolved. I am returning back to get my stuff and my dogs- and I will resume my work when this all is over.

My heart is broken. I have sacrificed everything to try and do my advocacy work and now that is all I have left. I hope that those of you who have been following me will continue to do so- as I will be resuming my work right after I return.

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