Gang Stalked/Reported on Amazon By the False Memory Trolls

Yesterday- while I was looking on the web- I found some postings at a site named that showed, without a doubt that there is a political group that formed involving the False Memory people who gang reported me to get me banned from Amazon. They do not like the fact that I and another survivor named Felicity fight them and their inane ideas so hard concerning a book by Judy Byington called 22 Faces. Having stalked the three of us, not only on the web but in real life, this group has done everything and anything it can to cause problems for the three of us and silence what we have to say. Obviously- judging by the fact that they have gang reported me before to Amazon, I am one that they need to be silenced, and Amazon has complied each time.

Felicity and I are getting ready to do a webinar today in which we detail our experience with the trolls on Amazon and who they are. We will also try to demonstrate and show how they work to surround, intimidate, and ultimately silence people who have come forward about their abuse. Talking about the strong satanic component that binds them- as their leader Doug Mesner/ Lucien Greaves/ Doug Misicko is founder of a satanic sex cult and was touted as a spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation in a January newsletter by the group, although his chosen satanic name of Luciean Greaves is after a man named Philip R. Greaves II who wrote The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child Lover’s Conduct of Code. Always a joke and a slap in the face with these people- they love the play on words and their verbal attacks have been worse than them actually turning the three of us into every place they could think of to screw us over. Have no doubt though, all of it has been pretty bad.

Felicity and I are in hopes that this webinar will help other people identify and recognize trolls and how they work so that in the future they can be better dealt with and contained. And hope that the attacks stop soon.

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