According to the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- This is how False Memories are Formed

mouse beam

of course how therapists are doing such things to their clients is a question. But this little mouse- whose neurons are so big that they can be SEEN (although neurons are invisible chemical reactions and not actually things you can see), proves without a doubt that using laser beams, therapists all over the world are implanting memories of abuse in women’s brains- all of whom are hysteric and suffering from mental conditions. Most of the critics on this have wondered if what some are calling “false memories” is actually nothing more than a case of CONDITIONING. How exactly DOES a mouse tell you about his memories? What these experiments show is that you can condition mice. It says and proves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about false memories, but still IT IS ALL OVER THE MEDIA SAYING JUST THE OPPOSITE, and hailing the false memory propaganda in the process.

Mice are traumatized by false memory brain implanting laser beams- while other animals just chase them around like madmen.



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