Arguments Against Me Posed by the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad on Amazon

Most of this is playing out on David Eichman’s review on Debbie Nathan’s book “Sybil Exposed”. I just wanted to answer some of the accusations that have been leveled on me since returning a few days ago to the website.

First off, I did not buy anything concerning my book and my achievement of being nominated for Best Book of the Year by Foreward Reviews. Slandering the people involved and leveling it as nothing more than a scam, this false memory pedophile protection squad does anything it can to diminish the accomplishments of survivor’s such as myself. I did pay a small entrance fee to be considered- but they DIDN’T leave me a critique of my book other than considering me 1 out of 15 people who were nominated out of 1300 entries. I got nominated because the book is well written, which flies against their extreme attempts to leave terrible reviews in order to say just the opposite. In fact- I have been called a bad “vanity published author” more than once in the last few days by Critthink- who is the organizer and ring leader of the FMPP Squad.

The thing about “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” is that it is making it’s way all over Omaha- as people are reading it and passing it on to their friends from what I hear. Although this Amazon group would argue this, it seems that people are taking an interest so much that they are encouraging their friends to read what happened, and since Omaha and the fall of Franklin was BEFORE our nation’s history with satanic ritual abuse, thus was BEFORE the False Memory Pedophile Protection Foundation- they really don’t have that much to say about what happened here.

In fact- they do everything they can to diminish and ignore me- believing that this vain attempt will somehow silence me, but then- that is probably why they went out of their way to get me off Amazon. Contrary to what Critthink says- the law department called ME- and even now I have a number and a direct lawyer I am working with sending them to the things that have been happening on their website for a couple years now. Whatever the case- Amazon WAS NOT THE ONE WHO BANNED ME, and they are making a diligent effort to find out exactly how I did find myself banned and who was behind it- since they have ABSOLUTELY NO RECORD of Amazon making that choice. Having used it against me for a year now- it is funny that this group doesn’t have much to say about this situation- and do what they can to steer away from it. Probably because this group of the FMPP Squad was BEHIND the effort. I just want to make sure that they get the public acknowledgement that they obviously are looking for- and am encouraging Amazon to go well beyond what would commonly be looked at as a case of hacking into their computers, as there are MANY more indiscretions that have taken place than just this.

The thing about trolls and how to deal with them is to shine a light on them and make them public. I am hoping that Amazon makes an example out of this group- setting a precedence of what other trolls in the future can expect when they partake in the same behaviors. I do the same thing on my blog- and I don’t get paid a dime to do it (as the FMPP Squad has suggested that survivor’s are only in it for the money- which, coming from an organization that has made MILLIONS setting up and then suing therapists with bogus clients that they deliberately sent in in order to trash anyone they can and sue them for as much as possible, I am not sure why this is not considered FRAUD, but their history has been one of making their money engaging in this type of behavior over and over and over and getting away with it.) In fact I haven’t made a dime on any of the advocacy work I have done- and still owe friends for the 10 grand it took to get the book published in the first place. This whole attempt of this internet trolls to deflect their own behavior onto others is not going to work- and I think it is high time that survivors stand up and fight this group in a way that shines a light on just what they have been guilty of for decades now.

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