Targeting by Internet Stalking- the Smear Campaign Continues…

So many things are being presented about me by various people that is it hard to keep up- but I wanted to deal with some of the outright lies that are being presented about me.

First, I NEVER called Critthink, Douglas, Charles Gaston, Karmakaze, Jeanette Bartha, or any of my other attackers on Amazon satanists. I also never called them pedophiles. I DID however call them Pedophile Protectors, which, in my opinion, is lower and more harmful than being a pedophile itself. Doug Mesner/Misicko was in a satanic rock bad- and just threw a satanic rally for Rick Scott down in Tallahassee Florida, so if he ISN’T a satanist, he definitely plays around with promoting it, so take it for what it is worth. He also used to the rally to discredit and harass a man that he is in a lawsuit against- so to say that Misicko takes liberties with all of this is pretty evident. However, discrediting victims of abuse and arbitrarily protecting the perpetrators is disgusting and wrong. This is what this group does- and it is sad that they are able to do it with the veracity that they do.

Secondly, I am not a satanist with a gay agenda. The very fact that this is going around is ridiculous- but then it comes from people who have not read my book. Although I am not going to back down and apologize for being gay- I am certainly no satanist, nor do I have any other agenda than getting my father and his family’s involvement in a child abduction ring investigated.

It has been brought to my attention that I CAN get back on Amazon by writing their corporate offices, but I DO NOT want to do it, as I am happy not to be fighting with bigoted idiots who fight any and all who would claim abuse issues. I have published the letter that Amazon has sent me as to why this ONE PERSON saw to ban me- and you can see for yourselves that one of the comments that I am guilty of is calling Douglas a twinky- even though he and his group are STILL calling me names and worse on Amazon even now. This campaign to silence me worked on Amazon- however- as much as Douglas huffs and puffs- the anonymous “professor” is not going to have much luck taking away my first amendment rights- in that I can relate what I want when I want as I want- and it will take a court injunction to remove my constitutional rights away from me and close down this blog.

The targeting that I have had to endure has transcended into a pervasive and concerted attack on the internet to try and say anything and everything to discredit me and keep others from listening to my concerns. I have been threatened with “self termination”, been called everything in the book- and have been followed from place to place with the same people constantly trying to influence others- such as PaskelParis- who I have been informed is connected to the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad- as are others who wish to defame me. It has been criticized that I don’t take such attacks well, and that I can be more than acidic at times, but this is how I stand- if you are coming to slit my throat, don’t expect me to be polite about it. I am not in this to make friends- and if your feelings are such that you were them on your sleeves, then you should think twice about attacking those of us who attack back, because although I am no satanist- neither am I a saint. In this day and age- passivity is looked upon as a weakness- and if you are strong enough to attack me- then you are strong enough to deal with the fight that will ensue as a result.

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