The Attacks on Amazon Ensue

A self-impressed anonymous poster by the name of Douglas has been going around and attacking me on Amazon with not only my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story, but on Judy Byington’s 22 Faces and Debbie Nathan’s book Sybil Exposed. I also suspect that the NEW reviewer who left me a scathing review by the name of Terea Stetina is also this anonymous Doug. He says that he is a college professor in Auburn, Washington- but then- this person has had a propensity to just outright lie- so take it for what it is worth, but let it be known that less than 40% of his reviews are regarded to any degree, so even here he isn’t succeeding in influencing too many people.

I bring this up to show, once again- how prevalent this group is concerning anything that surrounds ritual abuse. This group will go on and on and say how it is “protecting” society from “another witch hunt” but it has been mine and other experiences that they are doing their best to attack any and all who would come forward claiming such experiences in order to intimidate and quiet. I feel this is the case because the False Memory Foundation is a defunct organization, and will no longer be able to effectively argue against the cases of abuse that are starting to become almost a daily occurrence in the news anymore, so therefore this squad of crusaders has been brought forth to try and trash anyone who would come forward, like myself. Let me point out that this group rarely offers anything but attacks- and one has to wonder why they fight as a group such as they do. If we were all crazy- what would it matter? But obviously it does matter- quite a bit actually- enough to have them on Amazon every bleeping day doing their best to trash and quiet survivors. Again- the question would be why?

Are Americans so stupid and easily led that they need to have this group save them from considering the claims of thousands of people, (I have met hundreds myself)? Are we so hysterical that we should be kept from information rather than be given a chance to consider it, or are we, as a nation, prone to run amok with such things? And if this group is doing such a service to mankind- why do the majority of them do it anonymously, while those who DO come forward publicly all have an axe to grind and an agenda to uphold? Nothing more than a group of book burners- it makes me wonder why they have such propensity to argue against those who are simply trying to tell their own stories. And let me assure you- they are FAR from pleasant about it.

I don’t agree that Americans are stupid, nor are we hysterical, which is why I am asking for these issues to simply be considered. In the wake of the Catholic Church, the Penn State Scandal, and now this Jimmy Savile case coming up in the UK, I think that it is not only worthwhile that we consider these type of claims- but is essential in order to protect our children. This group would fight against children- shouldn’t America be one who fights FOR THEM? And while we are at it- why don’t we do our best to find out who the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad is, so that we can thank them for their crusader efforts and allow them to publicly stand proud for what they stand for. People such as “Doug”.

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