Upcoming Show on the Johnny Gosch Story to Air on MSNBC Sunday, December 16, 2012

I believe that there are several reasons that the media is beginning, once again, to bring up this story. One, it is around the 30 year anniversary of the abduction of Johnny Gosch. Then you have the whole other first milk carton boy’s abduction and murder solved- as Etan Patz was one of two boys displayed on the American’s milk cartons- Johnny Gosch being the other. However, it is the third reason that I would like to discuss in this post.

There is a concerted effort, in my opinion, to close me down with everything that I am speaking about concerning Omaha NE and the events that happened here which surrounded people involved in the failed savings and loan Franklin Credit. As such, I am not surprised that our national media is once again running with the Gosch story.

These are just a few details that I wonder if they will add, since I have a different perspective than most with all of this. Will MSNBC report that Noreen Gosch believes that her husband sold their son, and was dealing with people in Omaha who were involved with child prostitution, like she has told people? Will Noreen relate the story in which a double was supposedly to have taken her place with her husband at the time- prompting Noreen to go on a tirade with posts entitled over and over “Will the Real Noreen Gosch Please Stand Up”? I guess John DeCamp and his office swears this story is true, since these events happened SOLELY at his office. Will it come up that this abducted child somehow was converted to join his captures, left to live even though he was a person who could break ALL this apart when everyone else was murdered? Will the reporters for MSNBC explain how Johnny Gosch has been able to live in hiding for 30 years with NO ONE SEEING HIM, MEETING HIM, OR HELPING HIM AS AN ADULT, other than his mother- as no one in thirty years has come forward to explain how this has been possible? (Unless of course you believe that Johnny Gosch is Jeff Gannon- the George Bush White House media correspondent prostitute who came out of nowhere who, even today, has yet to explain how such a person got credentials to have such an up close and personal relationship with the Bush White House. Will this be part of the story)? Will they explain where Johnny Gosch went off to after meeting his mother at her house at the age of 27, when he told of dark encounters full of tales of CIA espionage and child trafficking rings to his mother? Or are they going to report the same, sugar coated, makes no sense bull that has been offered for the past thirty years?

We, I am sure, will all tune in to find out what they have to say on Sunday- as maybe they will answer a Christmas wish and we all will finally get a chance to understand this story, and why an abduction that occurred in West Des Moines, IA has taken precedence over the events that occurred in anther town in another state that was well over two hours away. Will they offer Paul Bonnaci and his stories to the picture, which is the SOLE connection to Johnny Gosch and the Franklin Credit Scandal? Maybe- we will have to wait and see. I, myself, will be on pins and needles with anticipation.

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