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Posted this morning on Craigslist

Date: 2012-12-11, 8:51AM CST
David, you are a moron. You spend your time on here responding to every little post about you. Go away if it isn’t important. In your spirochete infected mind, you don’t see how little credibility you have and your constant whining here only undermines it further. Maybe “the professionals” in your life can explain it to you.

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And my reply

Date: 2012-12-11, 9:08AM CST
I am certainly not a victim- and you are right- I do feel compelled to defend myself when it is necessary. The reason why I come in here every once in awhile is because it works. People ARE interested- esp. considering the emails I have received from what I am doing. Stating my case is hardly whining- just because a few of you would rather CL be about the usual drivel that it is, doesn’t mean that others aren’t interested.

It is also telling that it is always personal attacks that are meant to demean and shame me. Never specifically about what I have written. By a few people who have never once met me, nor know anything really about me. I work at all of this daily- and honestly- CL is still on my scope- although life does offer its distractions, even for me.

Considering the scope of what I am doing- and the results that I have achieved so far- I also disagree that I have lost credibility. My goal is to once again get people talking- and judging by what is happening even in here- that is working.

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And then in my defense- this was posted by someone else…

Conspiracy of Silence-BBC paid off producers to block the publication of this documentary in 1994.


Location: Omaha, NE
it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


And so it goes…
It is true that I have been fighting hard to defend myself through all of this, and for that I offer no apology. No one knows where I am coming from better than myself, and since I am compelled to argue my case- I will continue to do so when I feel the need. Most of the criticisms, in my opinion, have been personal in nature- and so I will do what I can to dispel the misconceptions that these amateur therapists want to throw at me.

Franklin has not been completely dispelled- and I believe the only reason it was dismissed is because there was a concerted effort to close the investigation down by way of a conspiracy of actions from the main players of the situation. There are WAY TO MANY inconsistencies to the investigation to say that it should be disregarded, esp. when there are concerns that the child prostitution just transferred from Omaha to Penn State. I would probably let this whole thing go if I wasn’t convinced that this evil didn’t stop but rather just changed forms and location.

I was asked by a dear friend of mine who I think should be asking the questions to all of this- and my answer is EVERYONE. Local government and law enforcement has shown over and over again- just recently- that they have no interest in uncovering the truth that happened here, and so it is going to take the voice of the people to change this. Why is this important? Because child trafficking and prostitution needs to be stopped- and the only way to do so is to expose the instances that people know about – such as what happened in Franklin.

I have had it said that my account of my experiences in Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Story are fabricated, however- they are my experiences and none of it is fabricated. It isn’t as if I lived in a vacuum- and there are PLENTY of people who remember the things I do, and though their experiences aren’t exactly like mine, they are similar enough to give my version of events credence. Those who discredit and try to defame my version of events are either ignorant of what I am talking about, or they have ulterior motives, whatever they might be- to lash out at me- usually with personal attacks that have nothing whatsoever to do with my book or what I have written.

To be honest, I find this incredibly frustrating. My parents were involved with a child trafficking ring, and there is ample evidence to show why I have the concerns that I do. I was also asked what questions I would ask, and though there are many- I would just like to relate a few.

1. Why was my dying, drug addicted, needle using, alcoholic brother at a private gathering for Johnny Gosch down in Miami in November (I think), of 2005- a few months before my father died? Identified by five different people from a picture that I provided, could there be a relation to my brother showing up at this conference with the fact that my father was trying to come clean about what he was guilty of at the time? Was my brother there, as I believe, to find out if my father called Noreen (which she HERSELF told me that he did), and what exactly he told her about her son’s disappearance? And although he was identified by five different people, why does Noreen stay quiet about not only this event, but also my father’s supposed phone call as well?

2. Considering that I have been trying since 2006 to try and get my past and my family’s past investigated by the local authorities and government officials, not to mention the local FBI- having to publish a blog, write a book- and stand constant guard for attacks, not only regarding my personal life but for attacks on other surrounding me, I wonder how many victims, less tenacious than myself, have fallen through the cracks- considering that with everything I have done, with concerns to those in charge I have gotten absolutely NOWHERE. Why is it so hard to have all of this looked at- not only by authorities but also by the media. I have heard all of this referred to as a “career killer”, but why is there no one brave enough to actually delve into the real story surrounding all of this and find out for themselves?

3. What is happening to the 2,185 children our Justice dept. reports go reported missing a day- and why don’t we hear more about it in the media as a whole? Why are other countries problems with human and child trafficking more important than what is happening on American soil? What is the reason that this has been kept quiet- and could it be part of the problem with all of this?

4. What does Paul Bonnaci and John DeCamp and all the other people in the investigation remember about Omaha during the time of Franklin, and why have simple- well known facts been left out the investigation? How could this have been possible- considering the scope of Omaha at the time and the close vicinity that all of this occurred from the police station?

5. And lastly, although this is hardly my last question, who began this carefully crafted hoax, why did they do it, and most importantly, considering that all of this happened well before the internet and personal home computers, HOW did they do it? This general argument has been the principle argument from the proponents of the False Memory Foundation for decades, but NEVER ONCE has it ever been expounded upon or explained. Since all of what I am speaking about in Omaha has been deemed a conspiracy theory by some, my question is whether anyone can adequately argue this stance and offer details and to who, why, and how so many parents began reporting child abuse all over the country at the same time without knowing any of the other parents that were doing it at the same time. Obviously involved in the hoax- what compelled so many parents to put themselves and their children under such scrutiny? Before the time of social media- how did this “hysteria” spread all over the country- lasting not months but YEARS in the playing out? Has any other “hysteria” lasted so long- or had such impact, and most importantly- how did a hysteria give so many children venereal diseases in their rectums? These are just a few questions that I would like answered.

It is frustrating- doing all of this, and I have a tendency to become irritable and respond in ways that are not as nice as I could be, and though I realize that I could sugar coat and rephrase things to constantly go the higher road, I realize that I am just a man- not a saint- and sometimes not only does being blunt get the point across, but it also can feel really good sometimes. I am tired of arguing personal aspects of my life with complete strangers who don’t have a clue what they are talking about as I look at it as nothing more than a distraction from the truth that really needs to come out with all of this- but I will still take the time to defend myself when necessary.

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