Concerning Certain Book Reviews on Amazon about Rabbit Hole

Lately I seem to be getting reviews that have been more of a personal attack rather than relating anything useful, good or bad- about the book. This is sad, because I really would like to hear about what people think of what I said rather than who they think I am as a person, esp. considering the fact that they have never met me and have no idea what they are talking about. However, my mother always told me- good or bad- at least they are talking about me.

I can’t do anything about bad reviews other than ignore them- however, I just wanted to repost a comment that I left on the latest review of my mental health…

“The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge”… Stephen Hawkings

As far as me being crazy- I tell everyone that I am not crazy- I’m an a**hole (excuse my language), and there is a distinct difference. I CAN and DO form coherent thoughts and though they might not always agree with me, I have found people to find me anything BUT crazy. Determined, tenacious, unforgiving- but not crazy, and those who say so generally have some ulterior motive to dismiss me- which is EXACTLY what calling someone crazy is an attempt to do. Also- the PROFESSIONALS who actually see me on a regular basis have also determined that, although I have my issues like everyone else in the world, for the most part I am completely sane, which surprises them considering all that I have gone through. You can’t go through the torture and abuse that I experienced and not come out with scars, but all in all, I have overcome what I experienced in my past. But my point is, because of the extensive therapy I have gone through, I am pretty self-aware, and because I am also articulate- I am not going to stop trying to expose the events that occurred here in Omaha.

And that is my personal review of myself this morning.

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