Another Example of How the Media Given Hero’s in America Are Anything But…

This was sent to me by an acquaintance on Facebook and I felt that it HAD to be published. Stay tuned for a recap on an incredibly powerful conference- and the detailed list of epiphanies that came to me throughout. Thanks so much for Neil Brick and the SMART conference- it opened my eyes in so many incredible ways.

Anyway- this is what was sent to me today- and since I agree with it- I felt the need to share it.

Status Update – Why Ron Paul Should Not Be Trusted

Ron Paul, grandson of SS exterminator Oswald Pohl 1., seems to be quite well connected with a lot of shadowy figures with ties to various groups (running the gamut from neo nazis 2. to extreme religious groups 3.) which have been thoroughly infiltrated and often outright run by elements of the Intelligence groups (and not infiltrated, as TV and movies would have you believe, for the purpose of obstructing criminals and security threats, but rather because these groups are useful).4.

Paul lives in a town 5. built from the ground up by Dow Chemical company 6., known for many things including extensive work with the US military. Dow created Agent Orange, for example, among many other chemical warfare agents, and also helped develop a nasty psychotropic drug 7. (think Scarecrow in Batman Returns) which was dumped on the mass human mind control project we remember as the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco in the late 1960’s. This particuliar drug produced severe paranoia and sickness across the Haight scene. It is not unreasonable to believe that Dow had a lot to do with the development of mass produced LSD which was distributed to a large degree by Owsley Stanley, an army communications specialist and probable distributor of the above mentioned paranoia drug. (much of Dow’s work was tested at the Edgewood chemical facility in Maryland, one of those unique places which repeatedly pops up in “conspiracy” lore. Frank Zappa’s father was a high ranking officer there, but this leads me too far off track……)8.

It goes without saying that Dow is a major factor in the
“(PHARMACEUTICAL) military industrial complex” and is completely intertwined with the upper levels of the “establishment”. Paul, a 76 year old Texas politician (a fact which all of us should have considered as no 76 year old TEXAS POLITICIAN can not be corrupted), is highly unlikely to have lived in a Dow chemical stronghold as a US Congressman without being at least aware and at most completely under the influence of this profoundly evil corporate juggernaut. Furthermore, Lake Jackson has been the host of some shady organized crime type type activities 9., is well within the Bush Senior sphere of influence, and is part of a hot zone of Cartel activity, extreme religious influence, paramilitary activity, big oil money, human trafficking, and years of CIA operations.

Enough has been said here and elsewhere about Alex Jones 10. that I do not need to explain that he is a fraudulent pied piper. You can easily find the information yourself, and Alex Jone’s own documented behavior, let alone his shady associations, is enough to reveal the sickening truth about him. Ron Paul’s willingness to not only associate but to intertwine himself with Alex Jones adds much more weight to the theory that Paul is also an actor who is misleading a group of people desperate for leadership.

At this point we have a 76 year old Texas politician, grandson of an SS Officer, and Air Force veteran often seen in the company of Nazis, Baptists, Jesuits, Intelligence hacks, and Corporate Bosses living in a town designed and run by an evil corporation known for poisoning hippies and causing severe organ damage (at least) to American GI’s and “palling around” with a lying traitor from Austin. Paul’s newsletters (which most of us who believed in him wrote off as “quaint” and “probably not written by him”) were, in fact, probably not written by him. They were pieces of work which were being propagated throughout the “patriot” community (many “patriot” groups are more accurately Intelligence fronts and some are even used for assassinations, kidnapping, drug and weapons trafficking, Occult work and various other black ops), the white supremacy movement, and occasionally into mainstream White America. The fact that pieces about “urban hip hoppers” invading suburbia and how to deal with them (an unregistered firearm) made his newsletters was no accident, as Paul’s job at the time was to play to these elements.

Furthermore, if Paul was for real, he would have been pointing fingers, naming names, and dropping facts about what is REALLY going on 11., because any 76 year old long term Congressman from Texas DOES know what’s really going on. Instead, he merely plays the persecuted and misunderstood symbol of pure Americanism on TV while intentionally derailing his campaign (the fix is in) and allowing fellow shysters like Wolf Blitzer to discredit, mock, and trivialize the things Paul pretends to believe in.

This page has gone above and beyond in recent weeks to expose the Jesuit order and it’s place in the bigger scheme of things. The evidence at this point is irrefutable, and the obvious connections between Alex Jones, Ron Paul, and members of the Jesuit Order 12. are enough, on their own, to raise an eyebrow or two. Couple that with the Nazi lineage, military background, other associations, the Dow chemical connection, the paramilitary/neo nazi propaganda, and a few obvious signs during the recent “campaign”, and we can be pretty sure that Ron Paul is, indeed, little more than an Intelligence asset – an actor, playing his part like so many others.

Like many of you, I was a Ron Paul supporter and hoped that we finally had a chance. Also, like many of you, I was let down when inevitable defeat became obvious (although it always was) and became more cynical than ever. This collective sentiment may have resulted in the new movement taking shape discrediting the “patriot” and 9/11 truth movements because of the questionable personalities directing these movements. I personally love most of Ron Paul’s message, but am remembering the number one rule of being an American – NEVER TRUST POLITICIANS – or anyone else with power, for that matter.

During the campaign I had a scary vision of a nation, beleaguered by sixteen years of Bush/Obama oppression and poverty, turning to the radical conservative message of young Rand Paul in 2016, sweeping him into power with a wave of desperate enthusiasm reminiscent of a place and time earlier in the 20th century. In my vision of Rand Paul’s America, the trains all ran on time 13.


you don’t make the SS without being VERY serious about death and the occult – this guy was their treasurer!













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