A Message To Col. Michael Aquino and His Followers

It has probably come to your attention that your rituals and incantations that you prized so no longer work. Nor will the toys you have soon. The solar flares are only beginning.

You taught me not only to read but to work with energy, and now that I am an adult- I have grown very proficient with regards to the lessons you so eagerly impressed upon me as a child. However, let me remind you of a few things that you seem to have forgotten.

First, you all bound yourselves to me. You know best of anyone how specific those rituals are, and that once they are done- they are impossible to reverse. Energy remember.

Second- every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Now what do you suppose awaits a group that has parlayed that for generations now? How much energy do you believe is built up?

Lastly- you need to know that I no longer own your bonds, and in fact I did what you have done to so many- I bartered them away to that which lives in the darkness. The darkness that you made me so comfortable with. You will never die, and you will never wake. Trapped within the nightmares of your own making- you all are going to be contained.

The Reckoning is upon us my friend- and you will come clean or you will be claimed. That goes for all of you. Those of you who know me know that I am not blowing smoke up your butts, but rather am warning you of the implications should you fail this game. A game, by the way- that you all helped design.

You are all running out of time. Fight as you might, no one is capable of thwarting the will of God. No one.

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