Update on Omaha NE and the Politics of the City

In the news today, 3/6/2012, are two stories- the first is that Omaha Police chief Alex Hayes is leaving his post and retiring.  The second story is that Warren Buffet will no longer have a news conference at the Berkshire Hathaway meeting this year.  Saying that he bought the Omaha World Herald and that is how he plans to communicate, it sounds as if Warren is going to take a strong hold of the ailing newspaper and make it his own.

The reason why I am including these stories on my blog is that I have this sneaking suspicion that everything that I have reported about my parents being in a child abduction ring and involved with several high profile cold case murders and disappearances of children, is having an effect on Omaha politics.  If I were Warren, and I knew that there was a book that was going to raise some unorthodox questions that have everything to do with his history and what he knew about events as they were playing out in Omaha concerning gun, drug, and child trafficking, I would probably cancel my news conference as well.  No one lives in a vacuum, certainly not Warren, and you can’t tell me that he has no idea what is coming down the pipeline concerning everything that is being re-investigated.

The rats are bailing the sinking ship, and when all of what happened here becomes public, it is going to create a windstorm the likes of which I don’t think any of us have seen.  My suggestion that Warren could be another Rupert Murdoch has been, in my mind, validated, as he has himself said that is how he is going to interact with the public now, thus the whole reason they were able to cancel the annual news conference this year.

Omaha is preparing itself, and these recent local news stories are an indication of that truth.  The question one has to ask themselves is, if I am crazy and none of this is true- then why all the commotion?  Why am I being chased down by my stepmother and her lawyer every step of the way in order to keep people from reading Rabbit Hole?  Of course- it could be all one big coincidence- but when you put it all together, it can’t help but look like a pattern.  The question is why?  Why did the French Cafe suddenly close its doors in the last week?  Omaha is still small, and trust me- LOTS of people in town know what I am up too, so could this all be connected?  My gut feeling is yeah- it is.  And I just want to point that out this morning.

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