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Book Launch for Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story Has been Postponed By a Week

Due to inclement weather, the book launch has been postponed until February 11, 2012 from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm  at Dixie Quicks, 157 West Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA.  Please come see me next Saturday as I FINALLY get Rabbit Hole launched.  There will be wine and cheese, and it should be a lot of […]

Facebook Posting between My Sis and I Concerning Our Family

This is a Facebook Posting on 2/3/2012 between David Shurter and his sister Kathy My stepmother’s lawyer sent out nasty letters again today- trying to stop the book launch. I wonder if they know that there is no longer any statute of limitations on child abuse in Nebraska any more. My book launch is going on as planned- […]

A Facebook Posting of Mine

‎”…Words will always retain their power. Words are for the means to meaning, and for those who would listen, the enunciation of truth, and the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with our country- isn’t there.” V for Vengeance “If you control the perception of the thing, you control the thing itself”. Col. Michael […]