Facebook Posting between My Sis and I Concerning Our Family

This is a Facebook Posting on 2/3/2012 between David Shurter and his
sister Kathy

My stepmother’s lawyer sent out nasty letters again today- trying to stop the book launch. I wonder if they know that there is no longer any statute of limitations on child abuse in Nebraska any more. My book launch is going on as planned- regardless of any letters sent or the weather. COME VISIT ME THIS WEEKEND AT DIXIE QUICKS AND SEE WHY MY STEPMOTHER’S LAWYER WANTS TO STOP THIS BOOK ANY WAY THEY CAN THINK OF.

Kathy Bannister: Now that Joanne has tried to close down yet another book launch…and exactly why is that? Lol, let me think…. It is my opinion that we should consult an attorney. There is no statute of limitations on child abuse in the State of Nebraska. Both of us have files several inches thick documenting the abuse we suffered as children…you, in the State of Iowa mostly, and me in the State of Nebraska. I have 99% of the records, which led to my placement in a foster home. Interesting how Joanne forgets the past. Some of us remember a little too well.

Kathy Bannister: I, personally, have grown exceedingly tired of her victim act. I worked with true victims, and she is NOT one. I worked as an advocate for victims of domestic violence for 3 years (in an internship and volunteer). So, I know about this topic… She had an affair with Dad while he was still married. Her relationship with our father is mired in the ashes of his previous marriage (also easy to prove). My years living with her consisted on a lot of abuse…again, all of it well documented. I obtained hospital reports, social workers’ reports, etc long ago before they were lost or archived. Dad’s will was altered, and comparing his forged signature to sample of her writing (thanks to her pro see affidavit) again makes it obvious….just takes a graphologist to attest to the fact. Her attorney signed off on that…so, his career would also be toast. I say…GO FOR IT!!!

Kathy Bannister: If she ever actually read your book, she would realize that it is soooo much larger than her. She hardly merits mention in your book.

David Shurter: Everything is documented- I haven’t played because the fight isn’t fair- but I know that Gerry is such an idiot that he will take it to whatever level he has too in order to try and stop me- and eventually- it is all going to come out. My DNA has already been taken- and the police are HEAVILY investigating our family- so unless they think a nasty letter is going to stop that- I don’t really see what they can do. Take me to court- I have said it before and I’ll just keep saying it- this time I have a lawyer- and a strong support system in town who are ALL VERY INTERESTED IN WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!!!! So BRING IT!!!!!

Kathy Bannister: Great! So, we are all set to go to court, should that be necessary. Perhaps she will figure this out and back off. Funny
that she has forgotten all of the documentation that exists. Sometimes I think that she is so far removed from reality that she just thinks the past vanished in to thin air.



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