With Concerns to the Re-emergence of Multiple Personality/Dissociative Identity Disorder in the Media Lately

Recently, the whole concept of DID and its validity as a diagnosis has come under fire under the scope of the media.  Debbie Nathan’s book Sybil Exposed has been highly publicized and has quite a few reviews, both good and bad  on Amazon  and this past Valentine’s day, Melissa Healy for the Los Angeles Times suggested in her article “Maybe Sybil just needed a good night’s sleep”.  This was the day after the Association for Psychological Science sent out a press release that fragmented sleep fragments the mind- and calling it a new theory on sleep disruption and dissociation.  Of course, any over worked new parent can tell you that losing sleep can make one dopey, however- interestingly enough, I don’t know of any case where DID was diagnosed after a birth.

It is strange, because many people don’t even remember who Sybil is, and yet, people such as Nathan, who is a False Memory Foundation activist that works diligently to help accused pedophiles get legal representation from  the foundation on who’s board she is a member of, purports that Sybil had this huge impact on society and psychiatry in general.  In her chapters “Contagion” and “Containment”, she goes further to suggest that Sybil is the cause of our nation’s history with satanic abuse, which was explained as a “panic” by the media when it hit in the middle 80s.  This book has been highly publicized in the national media, and I believe that it is being used as a propaganda tool to help people dismiss satanic abuse in the same way they are trying to dismiss DID.

Sybil could not have caused “satanic panic” since she never once said that she was abused in such a way.  Therefore, equating Sybil with our nation’s history is not plausible.  However, I believe this is being used as a smoke and mirrors, as DID has a definite connection to extreme abuse, and you can’t get much more extreme than satanic ritual abuse.  Working to objectify Sybil and the diagnosis of DID, the media is trying what it can to change the tide that is starting to come in concerning the number of  claims of such abuse victims, attempting to spin the situation in such a way that the general population is compelled to dismiss it without really giving it any thought.   Of course, this has been the history of all of this all along.

Although it might be egocentristic, I wonder if this sudden new focus on DID and Satanic Ritual Abuse is all due to the fact that Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story comes out publically on May 8th.  Explaining exactly what I experienced in Omaha at the time when the heart of the nation became entangled in its own problems with satanic ritual abuse (SRA), it exposes the government and the dealings of our rich here in Omaha in a way that is hard to argue.  Having publically worked on getting my family investigated for their part in a child trafficking ring for five years now, for me, this re-emergence of dismissing DID and SRA is not coincidental but rather has been instrumented as a propaganda tool just a few months before my book hits Amazon.  Taught as a child that if you “control the perception of the thing, you control the thing itself”, it is not hard for me to believe that there is a strong push to discredit our nation’s past without anyone giving it a critical look, and both Nathan’s book and Healy’s article in the LA Times shows that there is a definite interest to discredit DID such as it is understood right now.  Unable to dismiss it as a coincidence, I have to ask myself about the timing of all of this.

Nothing exists in a vacuum, and the fact that Rabbit Hole is about to hit the market is, I believe, already having an impact with the powers that be.  Detailing my experience with Satanism in Omaha, and explaining just how deeply my family was involved, I wonder if this push to associate DID with SRA and discredit the whole lot in people’s minds is an attempt to shore up the damage that Rabbit Hole is going to cause when it hits the markets.  Never having suffered from DID personally, the whole false memory propaganda won’t work with the arguments that I present, as I detail my experiences with my arguments, which essentially boil down to the fact that I believe that SRA and human trafficking are linked, and that Omaha’s true history lies heavily with the rich involved with drug, gun, and human trafficking and that history leads right up to the first Bush Whitehouse.

Also, considering that there are two conferences in California quickly coming up- one in Davis in April and the Survivorship conference in Oakland in May, I wonder if the LA Times is trying to discourage the idea of Dissociative Identify Disorder and survivors of extreme abuse right before two conferences joining survivors together take place.  Controlling the media is part of what happened in Omaha’s past, and anyone who lives in America and is even slightly aware knows that our media is still controlled today.  I am far from alone with consideration of my past abuse by our government, and I believe that those who wish to keep our nation’s past quiet will do anything and everything to keep the status quo.  Controlling the media is part of that agenda.

However, I also believe that people are brighter than they are given credit for, and if given the correct information, generally make the moral and intelligent decisions when it comes to protecting our children.  No media campaign is going to stop the population from waking up to the realities I present in Rabbit Hole, nor will it stop the change that is going to come from knowing what happened here in Omaha.  Hope and change are more than clever campaign slogans, they are real life perspectives, and I personally believe that mankind is on the verge of immense change that is going to wake us all up in a way that we won’t be able to go back to sleep.  Everything compounded with everything else, Rabbit Hole is my attempt to influence what is coming- helping people to become more aware of the government that controls us.  Completely unrelated to Sybil and DID, Rabbit Hole explains my experience with SRA and stands alone as a personal testament to what actually happened here in Omaha before the Franklin Credit Union crashed, and the true money that was made on the realities that occurred here.

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