America Can Now Detain American’s Indefinitely Without Due Process

Obama Signs Defense Bill Despite ‘Serious Reservations’

If you are wondering if our media is still controlled, ask yourself this- did ANY ONE hear of this before this bill was signed?  Indefinitely detaining American citizens in a military camp without the hope of due process sounds like how Germany started WWII with their citizens, and the fact that this was left quiet until this bill was signed definitely shows that the media is not only controlled by the rich, but that it has no interest in fair reporting or informing citizens about anything other than what is happening with the Kardashian’s or the latest fashion blunder by our celebrities.

Our American presidency has become just a group of scapegoats that those in control use to focus our attention- as our rights are being stripped away.  It is the SYSTEM ITSELF that needs changing- and the American people need to claim, for the first time in this century, their rights to freedom and free speech.  Now that this law has been enacted, does that mean that those who speak against the current regime will end up in prison as terrorists?  Without due process, people will rot in jail without anyone ever knowing what is going on.  Is this REALLY the America we want?  In the end- the objectives of Bin Laden have worked- as our government is now working against the very people they are supposed to protect, with no one again being accountable.  This is incredibly scary- worse than anything that I have written in Rabbit Hole, and yet, the VERY things I talk about are reoccurring again as they did before.  History always repeats itself- and unless we start waking up quick, we are going to lose our chance to effectively assert any kind of change before things start to go very bad.

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