A Video concerning DavidShurter.com, as a result of Googling my name.

This is a current video that explains where I am and what I am trying to do with this website.  It is kinda in defense of what I read on a website called Websleuths.com, a site that I seemed to be banned from- although I have never once tried to post anything on the site.  This is par for the course- but since I have my own website, I would like to answer some of the things being said about me.

I am actually going to take a break from DavidShurter.com- but I wanted to just list some of the reasons why I believe my father might be involved with Jacob Wetterling, Ricky Chadek, and Johnny Gosh- just so I am clear.

First of all- we have and had family connections in every place these abductions occurred. My father’s sister and her family live in West Des Moines (not that I am implying that they might be involved in any way), but it is a connection to my father. The biggest reason why I think my family may be involved is that my brother attended a private function for Johnny Gosch the November before my father died. My brother was identified by four people I spoke too attending the function, as they expressed that he made quite an impression on them, asking such questions as to whether they thought Johnny Gosch was going to show up (something my brother would definitely say), and that he was hard to forget. No one knew how he found out about the Florida conference- as it was a private function- so how my brother found out about it is a question, but not as big as the one that asks why my needle using drug addicted homeless alcoholic of a brother went to the conference in the first place. I believe that he was on a mission to see what my father might have said in conversations he was having on the phone. My father was trying to come clean, at the same time my brother and stepmother went on a crusade to tell people he was crazy.

All of my sisters and my brother, at long points in their young adult lives, lived in Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota. My older sister has followed the case from the beginning- convinced that my family was involved, and made a report herself concerning the abduction of Jacob Wetterling. The abductor pics resemble my father, although now there is some question as to why these even exist in the first place, since some would argue that the abductor was masked, but I assure you that I didn’t make these up- and they are in fact part of the history of the case. Be it a mistake or not- they exist because of the Jacob Wetterling case.

Ricky Chadek- one of the murdered boys here in Omaha, vacationed at Silver Lake Minnesota, the same as us. Interesting that in the land of 10000 lakes we would also be extremely familiar with an area connected to another murdered child. His body was found in Omaha, my father lived 3 ½ hours away in Graettinger IA, and if I killed someone I wouldn’t dump them in my own back yard either. We went from Graettinger to Omaha often, as both my father’s mother and his brother lived here.

I know my dad- I know my family- I know what they were capable of and yet I have been continually surprised. We have connections to these places- undeniable connections. I did an investigation- as much as I am capable of- and the facts that I have presented speak for themselves. A Walking Tour of Pedophile Omaha, although I was angry- simply showed where things are in relation to each other, and it is a tour showing simple real estate associated with issues concerning Johnny Gosch, and those surrounding the Franklin Credit Union scandal. Again- not a secret- and I didn’t make it up. These places existed- and angry or not- I would like to ask someone to point out ONE inconsistency on the video. The dissenters always make it about me and how I presented the video rather than the information that I actually provide. A Walking Tour through Pedophile Omaha is pretty forthright, and the facts are pretty straightforward.

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  1. Jessica Shiller

     /  February 26, 2012

    I have been intrested and have followed most of the credit union scandle as much as one could. When I first started reading about it about 10 yrs ago, there was nothing but the book, actually getting the book was a hassle in its own, one book store said they did not carry it, one said it was no longer published, one told us to give them a name and number and they would call us when it was in stock, yeah right,, that was not going to happen. Eventually found the book, but it has since came up missing along with 2 other people copies,, hmm strange. I have watched all your videos and have read most of what you have wrote, waitng on the book now,,, there is one inconsistancy in your video tour, and i only caught it this time. First video first few minutes you talk about old market and it being a hang out for kids, when you came here when you was 19,,, then later on you talk about the Hollywood bar and the leather room and that you was in that room when you was 15. That is the only thing that does not add up. Thank you for all your information keep up the work,, it will all come out eventually!!

  2. admin

     /  February 26, 2012

    We often came to Omaha to visit my father’s family- who still lived here, so although I moved to Graettinger, we went back and forth between the two often. Hope this helps answer your question.
    Thanks for your support- I hope you enjoy the read!