Transcipt for the Testify!Project video

My name is David Shurter and this is my video for the Testify!Project . I would like to talk about some human rights violations that occurred in Omaha, Nebraska from the 60s into the 80s that concern child trafficking and prostitution as well as a myriad of other crimes. When I was a child – my father was a practicing high priest in a Satanic cult that was running here in Omaha at the time, and as his son- I witnessed and participated in cannibalism, blood sacrifice, and murder at my father’s side, as well as being a victim of ritualistic abuse myself- at the hands of not only my family but their friends as well. Along with this- I believe that my family was connected with people who were conducting experiments concerning torture and abuse out of a local airforce base here, called Offutt. Under the guise of a secret CIA program called MKULtra, I have grown to understand that this was behind much of the satanic activity that was taking place. I only knew it as torture, complete with drugging, electro shock therapy, sleep deprivation, and intense sensory overload.
I have also come to believe that my family has been involved in a complex child abduction ring, and may be connected to child abductions like Jacob Wetterling, Johnny Gosch, and Ricky Chadek- each from a different state but still connected, I believe, to the nefarious happenings in Omaha NE. Well connected, well funded, and highly profitable- the activities that I am speaking of have a long history and much of it has been published, although no real investigations have been conducted to explore the issues here.
For more information- please check out my website at to learn more, not only about the happenings in Omaha, NE and my family- but for more information on ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse- an issue not only for other countries- but is in fact has been and is a growing problem right here in the United States. An excellent book to check out is Ritual Abuse in the 21st Century, edited by Randy Noblitt and Pamela Perskin Noblitt and another website to check out is Human trafficking must be stopped, and there is no better place to start understanding the problem of ritual abuse than right in the middle of our nation, and the events surrounding a failed financial institution called Franklin Credit.
Again- for more information- go to Thank you for your consideration.

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