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I Am Under Serious Attack After Reaching Out to Donald Trump

They are flat out trying to radiate me with their weapon after reaching out to Donald Trump. And all I want is to get my dad investigated for murdering children and putting their remains in the walls of his master bedroom closet. I am praying constantly but so far my prayers have remained unanswered. Our […]

A Personal Message to Donald Trump

Not Sure What They Are Doing- But They Are Getting on My Blog

This is a common occurance- and although it says it is me- it most certainly IS NOT..

Two Hour Panel Radio Show

THIS is why they want me dead…

I Have Only Helped the Evil Doers with My Videos

I’m So Sorry

New Video- May 17, 2017 Asking For a Favor

These are My EMF Readings Tonight

Keep in mind safe readings are 50. You can SEE how intense they are blasting me…

They Are Murdering Me- My New Videos

I Actually Was Able to Sleep Last Night- My Message for Today