Protection Order Transcripts against David Shurter

It occurred to me that when it comes election time, rarely do people ever really know about the judges that are involved in our judicial system, and I have decided that it is important to share the transcripts of what I just went through in order to expose the types of decisions that are being made in Douglas County Courthouse. 

Yes, I sent a card in 96 when my sister and I were trying to go to court over our inheritance, but before that, I sent a beautiful piece of artwork that was discarded five days later.  This was never mentioned in the complaint.

I have no history of violent behavior- but I was never allowed to present anything that would have shown my side of the story.  However- I have been waiting to be in front of a judge for decades- and was ready to express my side no matter how hard they tried to close me down.

Please check out Transcripts of the Protection Order against David Shurter on the upper tab of and see what the hoop la is all about.

Omaha has a tendency to support and protect pedophiles- as I speak about in Rabbit Hole, and judging by what just happened – that attitude hasn’t changed.

One last note- I say that I am going after Gerry Friendricksen not because he is my stepmother’s lawyer- but he is also her cousin- and I believe is intimately involved in my family’s crimes.  He at least is knowledgeable about them- as the court documents will show.

Please feel free to share with whoever you would like.  The info is no good if it isn’t out there.

I know that there are some out there that feel that I shouldn’t feel so angry about a protection order- but it was put to me this way, think how one of Sandusky’s accusers would feel if he would have gotten a protection order on them. Nothing with any of these situations has gone as they have should, and there seems to be a strong push to shut me down, not only in the court room, but also out and about- and considering that every victim who has come forward trying to push this issue has either ended up dead or in jail for the most part (minus the one who got a million dollar settlement he never tried to claim), I feel it is important for me to keep this all as public as possible- regardless of who chooses to get involved in this mess. I have strong feelings about Marlon Polk as a judge, and though I have been assured that trying to push this issue is like drawing a target on my forehead, I think it is important to keep our officials in line and this is the only way I have at my disposal to do such a thing. Therefore, whether you agree or not- I must do what I feel is right, and act in a way that tries to ensure my safety as I go through this process.


(At 10:02 a.m. on November 28, 2011, in the

2      District Court of Douglas County, in Omaha, Nebraska,


4      with Gerald L. Friedrichsen appearing as counsel for the

5      plaintiff, and the plaintiff being personally present,

6      and the defendant appearing personally, pro se, the

7      following proceedings were had:)

8               THE COURT:  We will go on the record in

9   CI 11-7513, Joanne Shurter versus David Lynn Shurter.

10                                                    And will counsel please make his appearance?

11                                                                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Yes, Your Honor.

12                                                    I’m Jerry Friedrichsen here on behalf of

13   Joanne Shurter.

14                                                     THE COURT:  And David Lynn Shurter?

15                                                     MR. SHURTER:  That would be me.  Thank you.

16                                                     THE COURT:  And the Court on October 27th,


17          2011, signed a harassment protection order in favor of

18          Joanne Shurter against David Shurter, who then requested

19          a hearing on the protection order.

20                And, sir, if you would raise your right

21   hand.

22                          DAVID LYNN SHURTER,

23          called as a witness, having been first
duly sworn, testified as follows:


25  THE COURT:  And you’re here contesting that 1    protection order?

2                               MR. SHURTER:   Yes, I am.

3                               THE COURT:  And you disagree with the

4   allegations that Joanne Shurter wrote against you?

5                 MR. SHURTER:  Some of them.   I never

6      threatened her.  There’s no reason to have a protection

7      order.  I do have a website, and I am having my family

8      investigated for things in our past.  So that’s true,

9                 THE COURT:  Okay.

10                MR. SHURTER:  I actually filed my own police

11                report that goes along with that, and so I brought that,

12                if you would like to see it.  But I’ve — we’ve only

13                seen each other three times since my father’s death in

14                2006.  The first time was at Netties restaurant where we

15                didn’t speak a word to each other.  Both of us were

16                sitting with groups of people and saw it.

17                The second and third times that we ran into

18                each other was at Nebraska Furniture Mart.  It was not

19                on the 9th.  I was in Key West on the 9th.  It was on

20                the 15th.  She knows that it was on the 15th because she

21                bought something, just like I did, and I brought a

22                receipt for the 15th.

23                But she came up to me in Nebraska Furniture

24                Mart, asked me how my quilting was going, asked me about

Michael’s job, and then I — she grosses me out so bad I didn’t want to say anything — sorry — but — so I didn’t say anything, and then I went to the bathroom, and when I came out of the bathroom, she was waiting for me outside the men’s bathroom, and that was when I walked up to her, and the only threatening thing that I said to her was, I have a website, you should check it out.  You will find it very interesting.

THE COURT:  Counsel?
9               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  May I inquire?

10                                                                                THE COURT:  You may.

11                                                                                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Mr. Shurter, on your


12                website you state that Joanne Shurter abused you

13          sexually; is that correct?


14                                                     MR. SHURTER:  Yes, I did.

15                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you state on your

16   website that Ms. — my client is a pedophile?

17                MR. SHURTER:  Yes, I did.  A murdering

18   pedophile..  She’s involved in a child abduction ring.

19                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you state on your

20   website that she was involved in child trafficking?

21                                                     MR. SHURTER:  Yes.

22                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And this has been on your

23   website since when?

24                MR. SHURTER:  I think four years ago when I

25   set it up.

1               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you did not have any

2      direct contact with my client since setting up the

3      website; correct?

4                 MR. SHURTER:  Nope.  Well — no.  That’s —

5      when I went to court with her, I sent her a postcard

6      about the people that — my parents forced me to kill

7      someone when I was ten.  I have a manuscript of a book

8      that I had on there.  I brought it so that you could

9      look at it.  I also have — there’s only two website


10                articles that I mention her in my website.  Mostly it’s

11                about my dad.  And I brought copies of both of those.

12                They are short.  I only mention her twice on my website,

13                and it talks about each time I ran into her since my

14                father’s death.


15                                                    MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Is your —

16                                                    MR. SHURTER:  But the police are actually


17          interested in finding out what I had to say, because

18                they are being investigated now.  Whatever I said about

19          Ricky Chadek in the hour and a half conversation I had

20          with the man was enough to get him to ask me for my DNA.


21                                                     THE COURT:  You may proceed, Counsel.

22                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Mr. Shurter, you have —

23   is your — you call it a book?

24                MR. SHURTER:  Yes.  It’s called Rabbit Hole.

25   It comes out in January.

1               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And that has all of the

2   things in it that you just admitted stating; correct?

3                               MR. SHURTER:  Yes.

4                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And that’s accessible on

5   your website?

6                               MR. SHURTER:  No.

7                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:   It’s not?

8                               Is there something that is accessible on

9   your website that —

10                MR. SHURTER:  I have so much documentation

11   on my website.  I have videos on my website.

12                                                     THE COURT:  Sir, hold on.

13                                                     MR. SHURTER:  Oh, sorry.

14                                                     THE COURT:  Let him ask his question.

15                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Let me finish my


16          question, please.  I know it’s — you want to talk over,

17          and I may, too, but the court reporter would appreciate

18          it if I would complete my question and then you can give

19          me your answer; all right?  Do you understand?


20                                                     MR. SHURTER:  Can I say one thing?

21                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  No.

22                                                     THE COURT:  Hold on,  sir.

23                                                     MR. SHURTER:  Okay.  Okay.

24                                                     THE COURT:  He’ll ask questions, and if you

25   could then wait until the question is completed and give

1       your   answer.

2                               MR. SHURTER:  Okay.

3                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  You put on your website


4      in October the encounter that you had with Ms. Shurter;

5      correct?


6                          MR. SHURTER:   Yes.

7                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And —

8                               MR. SHURTER:  Mrs. Shurter.

9                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you directed her at

10   that time to look at your website; correct?

11                                                    MR. SHURTER:  No.

12                                                    MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  That’s not what you wrote

13   on your post?

14                MR. SHURTER:  I told her to go direct — I

15   told her to go to my website.

16                Which post are we talking about?  There’s

17          two of them.  I wrote one post when we went to Netties

18          and one when we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart.  Which

19          one are we speaking about?

20                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  We’re speaking about the

21   one at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

22                                                     MR. SHURTER:   Yes.

23                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you told her to go to

24   the website?

25                  MR. SHURTER:   Yes.

1               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And that’s where all of

2      this information and these statements that you have made

3      can be found; correct?


4                               MR. SHURTER:   Yes.

5                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you have been

6   accusing — is accusation the right word?

7                               MR. SHURTER:  Sure.

8                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  You have been accusing my

9   client of this activity that I have listed that you

10   admitted to since 19- — mid 1990?

11                MR. SHURTER:  1996.  Ever since — the year

12          before my — the year that my dad died I called Missing

13          & Exploited Children.  I got a phone call from the

14          Nebraska Patrol — Nebraska State Patrol in January.

15          That’s what started it.  All of this started in 2007

16          when I got a phone call from the Nebraska Patrol —

17          Nebraska State Patrol.

18                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And — and this has —

19          all of that has nothing to do with any communications

20          you direct to my client; correct?

21                MR. SHURTER:  I have had absolutely no

22          contact, other than the three times that we have run

23          into each other since my father’s death.


24                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  I understand that.

25                                                     MR. SHURTER:  There is one — what?

1                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:   I understand that.

2                               There’s no reason for you to make a


3      communication with my client on your website unless you

4      thought she would look at it; correct?


5                               MR. SHURTER:  Sure.

6                               The two — the two things that I put on the

7   website I wanted her to look at.

8               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you did that for what

9   reason?

10                MR. SHURTER:  Because I wanted her to look

11          at it.  I felt since I was calling her a murdering

12          pedophile, that she needed to know that I was calling

13          her a murdering pedophile, so I wasn’t doing it behind

14          her back.


15                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you —

16                                                     MR. SHURTER:  And that’s the very reason why


17          I said that she needed to check out my website when she

18          was waiting for me outside the men’s bathroom.

19            •   MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you walked out of the

20   bathroom and saw her; correct?

21                                                     MR. SHURTER:  Yes.  She was waiting for me.

22                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Did you see her — did

23   you see her follow .you into the bathroom?

24                MR. SHURTER:  Well, since I’m a man and

25   she’s a woman, no, she didn’t follow me out of the


1   bathroom, but —

2               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  My question was, did you

3   see her follow you?

4               MR. SHURTER:  No.  I saw her standing there

5      fumbling with her receipt outside the bathroom waiting

6      for me.

7               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you had no

8   conversation with her at that point; correct?

9               MR. SHURTER:  That’s exactly when I went up

10          and told her to go check out my website.  Because the

11          first conversation that we had, she just wanted to talk

12          about a name thing, like my quilting and Michael’s job,

13          and I didn’t want to speak with her, and then she said

14          she had to go.  And all the while that we were speaking

15          she had this big grin on her face.

16                And I was upset with her, actually, in

17          Nebraska Furniture Mart because I wanted to go tell her

18          about my website.  Michael and I actually got into a

19          fight almost in Nebraska Furniture Mart because he told

20          me not to go to her because she was waiting in line,

21          because it took her forever to get checked out, because

22          we both saw her checked out.  She walked past Michael

23          when she checked out, so Michael saw her walk past and

24          wait at the bathroom.

25                So whether or not she saw me in the bathroom

1      or not is beside the point.  She waited for me, and she

2      wanted to engage in conversation.  That’s when I wanted

3      to tell her about my website, because I wanted to tell

4      her about my website after the first encounter, but I

5      was so disgusted by the first encounter that I didn’t,

6      but it was very important for me for her to go see my

7      website, because it’s very important for her to see what

8      I’m doing.

9                 MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And that’s so you can —

10          would guess that it would bother her, those accusations,

11          if they’re not true?


12                                                                                 MR. SHURTER:  That’s not my problem.

13                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Well, you’re making the

14   accusations intentionally.

15                  MR. SHURTER:   I’m not making accusations

16   intentionally.  I’m talking about the past.

17                  MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  I’m talking about you’re

18          making accusations today intentionally of what she’s —

19          of what you’ve accused her of; correct?

20                MR. SHURTER:  Do I want her investigated for

21   being a

22                  MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Would you answer my

23   question?

24                MR. SHURTER:  — child pedophile?  Then,

25   yes, exactly.

MR.    FRIEDRICHSEN:       Just   answer   my   question,

MR.    SHURTER:       Yes.

4               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  You’re trying to

5   intimidate her?

MR. SHURTER: I’m not trying to intimidate her at all. She has a — if she doesn’t want to go to my website, she doesn’t have to go to my website.

MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  But you posted on your

10   website directed to her —

11                MR. SHURTER:  I stopped posting things on my

12   website when I got this protection order.

13                                                                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  About what?

14                                                    MR. SHURTER:  About Joanne.

15                                                    MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  All right.  Now, when you

16   were posting on the —

17                                                                                MR. SHURTER:  Can I introduce two things?

18                                                                                THE COURT:  Hold on, sir.  Hold on, sir.

19                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  When you posted the

20   confrontation — would you call it a confrontation?

21                                                     MR. SHURTER:  No, I wouldn’t.

22                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  When you posted your

23   meeting that —

24                MR. SHURTER:  Funny thing about it is, it’s

25    on film.

1                 MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Mr. Shurter, would you

2      please refrain from talking while I’m asking a question?

3      Will you please refrain from talking while I’m asking a

4      question?

5                 MR. SHURTER:  The fact that I’m trying to

6   get you investigated, yes, I will.

7                 MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Would you please refrain

8   from talking while I’m asking a question?

9                 MR. SHURTER:  Sure.

10                  MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  When you posted the

11          encounter with my client at Nebraska Furniture Mart, it

12          was directed to her; correct?


13                                                     MR. SHURTER:   Yes.

14                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you didn’t — you


15          would not have posted it directly to her unless you

16          expected her to read it?


17                                                     MR. SHURTER:   Exactly.

18                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you expected her to


19          remember — or read all of your prior postings that

20          detailed the statements that you have made about being

21          sexually abused, being a pedophile, child trafficking,

22          murder, disappearance, all of those things; correct?


23                                                     MR. SHURTER:   Correct.

24                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And a person who — and

25   there’s no reason for you to direct her to that

1        .information   unless   you’re   trying   to   do   something   to   her;

2     correct?


3                               MR. SHURTER:  I’m having her investigated.

4                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  You’re trying to

5   intimidate her?

6               MR. SHURTER:  No, I’m having her

7   investigated.

8               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  You’re trying to bother

9   her?

10                MR. SHURTER:   I’m trying to have her

11   investigated, which the police are doing right now.

12                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  How does having the

13          communication with her advance that ball at all as to

14          what the police may or may not —

15                MR. SHURTER:  I felt that it was important

16          for her to know, and she already knew what I was saying

17          since she filed two police reports years ago on me when

18          it first started, which is also in the protection order.

19                So to say that she didn’t know what I was

20       doing is totally, totally false.  She knew because she

21          filed two police reports with Bob Frank (phonetic).

22          It’s written in the protection order.  And so why she

23          came up to me at Nebraska Furniture Mart and asked me

24          about my quilting and Michael’s job when I’m out there

25       telling people that she’s a murdering pedophile, I don’t

1      understand that.  And that’s exactly what I wrote on my

2      website, which I have right here.  And we’re here

3      because she said that I threatened her and that I am

4      intimidating.

5               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  You did threaten her,

6   didn’t you?

7               MR. SHURTER:  And I have not threatened her.

8      There is nothing on my website that’s threatening, other

9      than getting her investigated.

10                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Well, you did threaten

11   her back in ’96 with a letter; correct?

12                MR. SHURTER:  I wrote her a card — a

13          postcard in ’96 saying, do you remember about the person

14          that we murdered?  And this — the past is not over with

15          yet .

16                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And that could be taken

17   as a threat; correct?

18                MR. SHURTER:  Well, if she’s threatened that

19          we murdered someone — I mean, if someone accused me of

20          murdering somebody, I wouldn’t look at it as a threat; I

21          would look at it as retarded.

22                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  You also sent her a death

23   card, didn’t you?

24                MR. SHURTER:  That’s exactly what we’re

25   speaking about.  And it wasn’t a death card.  I sent a

1      picture of a person who had — a death [sic] person, and

2      told her, do you remember the person that I was forced

3      to kill when I was 10?

4               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you sent her a tarot

5   card; correct?

6               MR. SHURTER:  That’s exactly what we’re

7      talking about.  It’s not a death card; it’s a tarot

8      card.

9               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  What’s the Spanish word

10   for death?

11                                                     MR. SHURTER:  Bardow [sic].

12                                                     MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Okay.  Now, you’re trying


13                to do something other than just pass the time of day by

14                making all of these threats and putting these threats on

15                your website?

16                MR. SHURTER:  You’re absolutely right.  It’s

17   2011, and I have been pining away since 2006.

18                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you’re trying to do

19   something to my client by posting her —

20                MR. SHURTER:  No, I am doing something to

21          your client.  The Ricky Chadek cold case people are

22          investigating her right now along with Jacob Wetterling

23          and along with Johnny Gosch, which is exactly what I

24          speak about on my website.

25                MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  And you’re communicating

1   with my client about those matters?

2               MR. SHURTER:  If she reads my website, then

3      I am communicating with her.  But do I call her?  Do I

4      talk to her?  Do I do anything?  Absolutely not.  Your

5      client makes my skin crawl.  She abused me.  She raped

6      me.  She beat me.  She did all kinds of things.  I have

7      post -1raumatic stress disorder because of what I

8      experienced in my childhood.

9               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  Now, your —

10                                                     THE COURT:  Counsel, hold on.

11                                                     MR. SHURTER:   I’m sorry.

12                                                     THE COURT:  No problem.

13                                                     I think we have enough of a record made.

14                                                     We’re going to — just to keep the peace in


15          this matter, to the extent that we can, we are going to

16          leave the harassment protection order in place that was

17          issued on October 27th of 2011, and that is how we are

18          going to leave things at this time.

19                MR. SHURTER:  Does that mean that I have to

20   do anything with my website?

21                THE COURT:  The’Court is not making any

22          other indications, other than we are going to leave the

23          harassment protection order in place.


24                                                     UNIDENTIFIED INDIVIDUAL:  Can I interject?

25                                                     THE COURT:  No, sir.

Counsel, is there anything further we need to do at this time?

3                               MR. FRIEDRICHSEN:  No, Your Honor.

4                               THE COURT:  Then this hearing is adjourned,
and you are all excused.

6                (10:18 a.m. — adjournment accordingly.





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  1. People are apathetic or they have received a favor from a judge. Or they are told not to publicly tell their story.

    On Nov 4 Judge Gary Randall, responsible for Nikko Jenkins being released early (an article in the OWH about his math error was published and is still available) and holder of one DUI was put right back on the bench.

    Judges should be term limited.

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