The Spiritual Game at Play Here

A little over a year ago I stated that I had cast a spell on Donald Trump that his dick would rot. At the time- I felt his life revolved around his penis and I wanted his life- as he knew it- to end in a way that caused him anguish. Now here we are- […]

Sean Hannity- Seth Rich- and Hannity’s Focus on Clinton

With everything that is happening in our government right now – esp with this Cohen guy- I have started to wonder if there is something more with this thing concerning Sean Hannity and his reporting on Seth Rich. Hannity reported constantly that Hillary Clinton and the DNC was behind the murder of Seth Rich- but […]

Sex Trafficking Today in Nebraska

They Are Attacking ANYONE Who Speaks the Truth

In the end- all that has been kept in the darkness will be dragged out into the light. They are fighting whistle blowers but who they are fighting is God. They are attacking even a geologist who simply reports on earthquakes. Like that is going to stop earthquakes from happening…

Someone Broke Into My Garage Last Night So I Had to Call the Police Finally

Today I had to call the police today because last night someone broke into my garage and disconnected my garage door. It never seems to stop this constant harassment. Things are not going well for them as all their secrets are beginning to be brought out into the light. It isn’t me they are fighting […]

Official CIA Documentation on Remote Viewing

I guess this is why Mesner and his group refer to Uriel as a gate instead of an angel. This is a lot of what Fiona Barnett and I were trained in as a child. I have included the whole pdf but lines 35 and 36 are, for some reason, missing from the document.

What I Know About These Directed Energy Weapons

In the time that I have been attacked by these directed energy weapons- this is what I know. These weapons prevent one from being able to sleep. Years ago- I made a video talking about not being able to sleep for three weeks when I was being attacked. This is that video… At the same […]

Neither the FBI or the Dept of Justice Are Heroes

Doug Mesner, the CIA, Child Trafficking, and Me

religion: a master and slave relationship “I recall Doug Mesner telling me the C.I.A. had asked him to write some private reports for them, maybe in my most paranoid state I could run with and ramble about the possibilities there… More likely, The Satanic Temple is just the act of a group of social and […]

Seems They For Some Reason Aren’t Reporting Earthquake Activity

Wonder why THAT is…