Regardless What Happens to Me- Their Darkness is Coming Out

For the Moment I’m Okay

Not that they aren’t trying to murder me with their weapons but I’m okay for the moment…

I Am Facing Allegations But My Public Defender Won’t Tell Me What They Are

Since I am Facing a Competency Hearing Due To Algona WA Policeman Ryan Miller’s Report- I Need To Know What was Said

And this is my Lawyer’s response…

After Court- Some Specifics

I Go to Court Today- We Will See What Happens

After My Video About Doug Mesner and the Murder of Lori King- Doug Attacked Me and Admitted He is Working on Behalf of Col. Michael Aquino

Doug Mesner is using my name to email me- his account is the one with the character of my father- taken from the Jacob Wetterling abduction photos of Jacob’s abductor. My email doesn’t have any avatar. Not sure if he was drunk, on drugs, or is just stupid- (my guess is the latter) but he […]

Doug Mesner aka the Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves and the Murder Of Lori King

They Are Setting Me Up to Shut Me Up

Doug Mesner- You Can Take Your Offer and Shove It

And just so there is no question my Algona WA police are aware…