It Has NEVER Been About Satanism or Devil Worship But Rather the Abuse and Rape of Children

Let me be clear- the issue is about abusing children and has little to do with devil worship although it is that aspect that is used to dismiss this evil practice with children. Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves aka John Kilrush aka whatever has spent his entire career discrediting victims of severe […]

EMF Readings After My Two Posts Today

Again- emf stands for electro magnetic frequentcy- and a safe level is under 50 and as you can those in my house are not even close…

Just Discover Doug Mesner Somehow Put My YouTube Channel Back Up

I thought it was gone but I accidentally hit a button to find it was all back up. So I manually deleted the videos except for a few. This dude will stop at nothing to try and set me up. But good luck replacing them since I just manually deleted most all of the videos. […]

Could the Fire at Legal Aid in Lincoln NE Be Connected to This Child Trafficking Mess? It COULD just be coinsidence- but the fact that a fire just took out the Legal Aid floor in Lincoln NE- and ONLY the 8th floor at a time when people are talking about what happened in Omaha in the 80s can’t help but raise red flags for me. The fact that the fire […]

Why is Our Gov’t Lying About Earthquakes?

Dutchsinse is a geologist who reports earthquakes and volcanoes around the world- but is claiming the USGS is failing to report earthquakes that are hitting off the West Coast. The question is why? What is in scriptures is that in the end- we would hear of wars and rumors of wars- along with earthquakes and […]

Another Guy Just Like Doug Mesner

Just not near as bad… But claiming people like this and Mesner don’t exist is just deluding yourself… But Mesner likes to murder people- which is why he likes to use the name John Killrush- as he gets a rush from killing.

About The EMF in My House and the Reason Why

EMF stands for “electro magnetic frequency” which is what these DEW weapons (Directed energy weapons) that the Air Force told Congress about- affect and control. A normal safe level is under 50 but, as you can see, the levels in my house FAR exceed that. These are the same weapons that were used in our […]

The Simple Truth that Is For All of Us

The basic premise of worshipping the devil is exactly what Allister Crowley said… “Do as thou whilst” for the devil’s followers have deluded themselves into believing that they are gods. That they have the true power and that they are in contol- which is laughable because their power and influence has always been derived from […]

Reflections As I Come to the End

I figure I am reaching the end of my life as this DEW weapon is wearing down my body. That is what it does as it fucks with the nervous system- causing strokes and heart attacks. Or at least that is what the patents our government has on these things detail. I am wearing down- […]

I Often Get Asked What People Can Do- Here is My Suggestion

Pray that love finds it’s way into their hearts. Prayer has power- and it works. And these people are motivated by the lack of love they feel for others- let alone for themselves. No one who has love in their hearts act the way they do and say what they say. It doesn’t work that […]