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They Are Setting Me Up to Shut Me Up

Doug Mesner- You Can Take Your Offer and Shove It

And just so there is no question my Algona WA police are aware…

Doug Mesner- You Need To Realize I Used You

Directly after posting this- THIS was the conversation. Then I started to get posts I couldn’t see so I disabled comments…

I Have to Get This Out Before It’s All Over

Doug Mesner- This Video is For You

Getting Messages I Allow to Let Them Kill Me Quietly

An Impassioned Plea to Washington State Judge Mark Eide in Kent, WA

They’re Doing to Me What They Are Corey Feldman- Shutting Me Down from Exposing Pedophilia

Just So There is No Question WA State King County Officials Are Aware What’s Happening

With Emery Brothers and Seattle’s Mayor- King County in Washington State Can’t Afford 3rd Strike